Raving Reviews

“Once the numbness went away, it felt like nothing ever happened. It felt a bit tender when I was brushing my teeth at night, but other than that, nothing. It's either that you're a genius or I have a crazy tolerance for pain. I think it's the former 🙂 I'll see you in a few weeks and thank YOU for everything! You have no idea how grateful I am for everything you've done for me.
— Serge S.
“Thanks for following up with me! My teeth feel great and I didn't have any sensitivity or discomfort once the numbness wore off. I'm glad we stayed on top of them since the procedure was easy and I didn't have any issues afterwards. Thanks to the entire staff for such a personalized experience - it's always such a pleasure coming into the office!
— Brittany M.
“Thanks for checking up on me! I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into improving my teeth; it means a lot to me. It also helps that you are very nice, have a great sense of humor, and are easy to talk to! I hope you will be my dentist until I reach the 'I need dentures' stage in life.
— Ammie-Marie L.
“Thanks for checking in on me. My new implant feels normal and looks great! I really appreciate your and your team's care over these last few months -- you've pretty much made the process as easy as it could have possibly been!
— Emily O.
“Super friendly, awesome staff. Plus the tunes playing are always good. Just when you think you know everything about your teeth, Dr. Troupe teaches you something new.
— Megan W.

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