What to Look for in a Pittsburgh Dentist

Whether you are new to Pittsburgh or have lived here your entire life, when you need to find a dentist there are a few key points you should consider. Obviously, you want a professional who is board certified. But, there is more to finding a good dentist than just the certification. Take the time to ask the following questions, and you’ll find a Pittsburgh dentist you can trust.

What are all of the services that you offer?

Many people seek a dentist for a routine cleaning, and while dental cleanings play a vital role in your overall health, you never know when you might need oral surgery or restorative dental care. Simply biting on an almond or a piece of ice can crack a tooth. If possible, check the background of the dentist before you make an appointment. Has he or she had advanced training in cosmetic reconstruction, extraction of third molars (also called wisdom teeth), placing and restoring implants and other complex dental therapies? If yes, you can relax knowing the dentist can help you today and in the future with modern, state-of-the-art dental care.

Is the dentist near me?

It makes sense to find a dentist in Pittsburgh that’s close to your home or office, but what happens if you move? If your dentist has two or more locations, it can save you the hassle of looking for a new dentist when you get a new job or move to a new home or apartment. Plus, if you do have an emergency, you might have the option of being seen by your regular dentist in a different location.

How does the dentist handle emergencies?

There is nothing worse than being in excruciating pain and having to wait a few days to see the dentist. Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life. Does the dentist offer Saturday hours? Do they leave openings in their schedules to squeeze in same-day emergency appointments? Do your research on this now, not while you are in pain.

Do they take your insurance or offer a payment plan?

Call the dental practice and ask if they are in-network with your specific type of dental insurance and if the answer is yes, ask if they will file your claim for you. If you don’t have dental insurance, ask about payment options or patient loyalty plans. While most dentists accept major credit cards, some also offer payment plans that will allow you to finance 100 percent of the cost.

Do you have dental anxiety?

Far too many people avoid going to the dentist out of fear. This only exacerbates the problem since untreated dental issues can cause additional problems. Many Pittsburgh dentists offer anxiety-free and sedation options. You might be given a sedation pill to take before your appointment or, for more invasive procedures, you might have the option of IV sedation. You are the only one who can answer if you have dental anxiety, and you have a right to find a dentist who believes in making patients feel comfortable.

Do they treat children?

If you have children, or are thinking about starting a family one day, it makes life much more convenient if you and your children have the same dentist.

Dr. Joey Troupe and the entire team at Polished Dental welcome the opportunity to be your dentist. We have three convenient locations in the Pittsburgh area and invite you to contact us at 412-823-5252.

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